A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast that is performed on women (without breast symptoms) for early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. Apart from being harmless since it is done using low radiation, a mammogram is probably the most reliable tool for screening the general public for breast cancer. It produces images of the breast tissue with the aim of showing any abnormal activity that could be cancer. Even though most people see mammograms as not perfect, until there is a better solution, mammograms remain a gold standard at present. Here are a few importance of having mammograms.

Lower rate of mastectomy (breast removal)

Detecting breast cancers early with mammograms also imply that more women treated for breast cancer will be able to keep their breasts without resorting to mastectomy.

Low breast cancer mortality

Several studies have demonstrated mammography to lower the risk of dying from breast cancer by about 30%. This is why it is recommended for women within the age bracket of 30 and 40 and those at high risk of the disease to go for a mammogram every year. The earlier it is detected, the more likely it is to be cured.

Detects suspicious lumps

Mammography remains the only test that can consistently detect suspicious breast lumps that may not be palpable during the breast examination. Such solidifications are usually the primary sign of in-situ cancers, which in 20% of all cases co-exist with undetectable persistent cancers.

Though costly, mammogram is worth it

Having a mammogram can be expensive, but you should not let the cost discourage you as the cost of not having a mammogram can be higher – both emotionally and financially.

There are currently several programs aimed to make mammogram screening available at a reduced price or even free. Therefore, there is no more excuse for any woman not to be screened or tested for breast cancer. Take that step now and grab the chance to a prolonged life. For more details, contact us here.